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The Clinton Central Model Railroad Club is organized for the purpose of advancing the interest in model railroading in Northcentral Pennsylvania. The layout is HO scale and is 100% DCC (Digital Command Control). We are located just across the Bald Eagle Creek from Lock Haven in the old Castanea Railroad Station, and are open Tuesday evenings (except every 3rd Tuesday due to club business meetings) for people interested in getting involved in model railroading.


2015 Update

2015 was a very busy year at the Clinton Central Model Railroad! In addition to adding two new central air conditioning units and reworking the air ducts at the station early this Spring, the construction crew has been very hard at work on the layout, primarily on the third peninsula. A new 5-track (plus run around) storage yard has been added underneath the mainline, accessible by a new helix. The beginnings of a second deck started in 2014 has been extended the entire length of the peninsula which will eventually offer space for new industries in both the front and back of the peninsula. The main line has also seen a reconfiguration in this area, including the addition of a spur which leads to the new helix and the new storage yard, and new dual track access to the storage yard in the back of the layout. Block detection was added while laying most of the new track and the 4-screen CTC display in the Dispatcher's Office now reflects all the newly monitored tracks.

A second level has been completed behind the main mountain which contains a switching yard and several small industries. Benchwork has been completed on a third deck for even more switching opportunities and storage, all of which are accessed by our original single track helix.

Several operating sessions were held earlier in the year, using car cards and waybills representing each car and its load. With the growing number of industries appearing on the layout, more destinations requiring train service will require more operators and support staff to run more sessions in 2016. If you are interested in becoming a part of our growing model railroad, please stop by by on any Tuesday evening except the third Tuesday of each month (members only business meeting) and see how you can help.

The best way to see all of the above updates (and more!) is to visit our club in Castanea. The 2015 - 2016 Open House season starts December 8th and runs to January 16th. This year we are having 10 different Open House dates including one Friday evening and one Sunday afternoon (see our Events page for a complete schedule of Open Houses and a flyer). There is no admission charge and hot and cold foods & drinks will be available. For directions to the club in Castanea, see our Contact page. We are also on FaceBook - stop by our page at https://www.facebook.com/Clinton-Central-Model-Railroad-123364467700734/, LIKE us and check out more pictures of the layout and up to date postings from members of the club. If you would like to receive email notifications of club events, send an email to info@ccmrr.org and put "SUBSCRIBE" in the Subject.

The Clinton Central Model Railroad continues to welcome the community to our club. Several groups visited us in 2015. If your group is interested in visiting us, please send an email to info@ccmrr.org for more information.


2014 Update

2014 saw more under the tracks work than scenery improvements. But starting with scenery and some new trackage, a granary switching complex has been developed, a new coal mine has been established in the mountain on the third peninsula, as well as a second level with switching facilities to serve the new mine. Access to the second level is by the helix which is hidden in the mountain. Future plans include extending the second level the entire length of the third peninsula with several operating opportunities, and adding two more levels behind the main mountain for more industry switching and additional storage.

The Clinton Central Model Railroad went 100% DCC in May 2012. The old DC wiring was removed this past year, allowing for more reliable power distribution to all trackage on the layout. Both directions of the Mainline, along with some branch lines, were broken into "blocks" allowing for train detection and signal operation. JMRI (Java Model Railroad Interface) plays a big role in the signal operation based on block occupancy and turnout positioning, and can be seen operating in the Dispatcher's Office on a multi-screen display.

FaceBook is playing a bigger role in CCMRR updates which include videos and pictures taken at the club, as well as Open House and Train Meet announcements. If you have a FaceBook account, you can see these upates by clicking the FaceBook image below or by going here.

The Clinton Central Model Railroad continues to welcome the community to our club. Several groups visited us in 2014, including youths from the Lock Haven YMCA and the musical band Rural Route from Lock Haven. If your group is interested in visiting us, please send an email to info@ccmrr.org for more information.


2013 Update

First of all, lots of scenery updates have been made since our last Open House in January. The first and second peninsulas scenicing has been completed with many new things to look at. The mountain at the east end of the layout has grown over the new helix which serves a new second deck being built on the third peninsula. Several new industries have arrived and trackage to serve them has been laid.

Secondly, several new signal towers have sprung up along the twin-tracked mainline and are operating based on track occupancy and/or switch positioning. This all has been made possible by a huge rewiring of the layout's track electrical system and the addition of Digitraxx hardware to monitor train movement on the layout's mainline. Using JMRI's Panel Pro, a track diagram of the layout can be seen here.

Be sure to see our updated 2013 layout pictures here.



There has been lots more activity at the station in 2012. Looking ahead to improving the 3rd peninsula, a helix was constructed to elevate the branch line to a future second level. Tunnel Hill and Tyson Wye have taken on many changes, both in scenery and trackage. In addition, all Mainline, Central Yard, Tyson Wye, and Tunnel Hill turnouts/switches have been modified to operate under control of a new dispatcher's CTC system (which is part of JMRI's Panel Pro software), smart phones, and/or hand held tablets, not to mention hand-held throttles. Our 2012 layout updates can been seen here.

Be sure to see our updated 2011 layout pictures here.

We want to thank the hundreds of people who have shown up at least one of our 7 open houses during the 2012 - 2013 Open House Season. Next year we have 8 scheduled and we should have plenty of improvements for you to see. See our Events page for details.

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