There has been lots more activity at the station this year. Looking ahead to improving the 3rd peninsula, a helix was constructed to elevate the branch line to a future second level. Tunnel Hill and Tyson Wye have taken on many changes, both in scenery and trackage. In addition, all Mainline, Central Yard, Tyson Wye, and Tunnel Hill turnouts/switches have been modified to operate under control of a new dispatcher's CTC system (which is part of JMRI's Panel Pro software), smart phones, and/or hand held tablets, not to mention hand-held throttles.

Here are some recent pictures taken of the layout, but we would really like you to stop by and see the updates for yourself during our 2012 - 2013 Open House Season. Besides, there's a lot more to see than just these pictures, like the newly painted ERIE boxcar and new PRR caboose outside the station!


A view of the helix at the west end of Central Yard


helix 2
The helix viewed from Tyson Wye


helix 3
Central Yard with the helix at the west end.


Tyson Wye
A brief view of Tyson Wye


Tunnel Hill 1
Tunnel Hill has undergone a face lift too


Tunnel Hill 2
Landscaping and some track rearrangement improvements at Tunnel Hill


Tunnel Hill 3
Tunnel Hill overlooking Riverside Cutoff and Mainline


A new brewery has been added


Yard 4
A view of Clinton Yard looking west


Engine Facility
The newly reworked engine facility


Clinton Mills
The engine facility with Clinton Mills in the background


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