In addition to a temendous amount of scenery work completed in 2013 (see pictures below), a lot of electrical work has been done to implement several new signal bridges and block detection which is being monitored by JMRI's (JAVA Model Railroad Interface) PanelPro. A new grain CoOp has been added to the second peninsula, while Brookside Yard trackage has been reworked to accomodate larger steam engines using the Riverside cutoff. Last year's new helix has been hidden by additional mountain scenery and a second deck for future staging has been built behind the mountain.

There's lots more to see, so we added one more day to our Open House schedule in February for a total of eight open houses in all. You can see this season's full Open House Schedule in our Events page.

Here are some recent pictures taken of the layout, but we would really like you to stop by and see the updates for yourself during our Open Houses. Don't forget to bring your cameras to take pictures of the ERIE boxcar and PRR caboose (PRR477041) outside the station that were installed last year by the Clinton County Historical Society.


New second deck
The helix has been hidden and a new second deck is being built on the 3rd peninsula.


Tyson Wye industries
A new farm, CoOp and coal mine (helix has been hidden by mountain)


Newly scenic-ed brewery
The Brewery has been improved. Note new signal bridge on the main line.


Brewery  from the west
A closer view of the brewery


Tunnel Hill Trees
A new forest hides Tunnel Hill from view.


Tyson Wye farm
A farm has found a new home at Tyson Wye


River Valley CoOp
River Valley CoOp with Tyson Wye in the background.


Overlooking Tunnel Hill

Overlooking Tunnel Hill


Coal mine
A new coal mine has been added to the third peninsula's second deck.
Access to the mine and its yard is via the helix


Clinton Yard
An improved Clinton Yard. Note main line signal tower.


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